• Regardless whether you are hiking the Dolomites or taking a day trek on your local paths and trails we have the right equipment to kit you out for type of activities you are undertaking and to match your budget.
    Please call us to discuss your requirements.

  • From family camping to minimalistic camping and DofE we have a huge range of tents and camping accessories to enhance your camping experience without breaking the bank.
    Regardless of your experience or demands we will try our absolute best to help you and give you the right advice.

  • Experience the outdoors with the whole family regardless whether you are pitching a tent for the first time in your back garden on travelling abroad or even going on an expedition we have the knowledge and experience to help you and if we can't answer your questions we know people who can.

  • Want to sleep under the stars?

    You want to be warm! Sleeping bags come in al shapes, sizes and temperature ranges. Sleeping bags can be filled with man made fibres of different types and can be filled with Goose or Duck Down. Knowing which bag is going to be right for you can be a headache so call us tell us what you are doing, when you will be doing it and give us an idea of budget and we will recommend the correct bag for you.

  • Everybody needs and generally likes a good bag, we carry bags from school packs to mountaineering and alpine packs. 
    Luggage for weekend travel or large duffle bags for family holidays are all carried within our vast range of Daypacks, Rucksacks, Holdalls and expedition luggage.

  • Picking the right clothing and footwear is crucial to the overall enjoyment of you outdoor adventure. From simply walking the dog to climbing a mountain or monroe, get it right and you will want to talk about it and repeat the experience. We are here to help you choose the correct footwear and outerwear whatever you are planning to do.